Providence Youth Fellowship

The Providence Youth Fellowship Group
 is for youth from 6-12th grade who like to enjoy fellowship with other youth!  

During the school year, we most often meet on Sunday evenings from 5pm-7pm in the fellowship hall.  Typically we ask each person to bring their own dinner so we can catch up on the events of the week while we eat then do a variety of activities/games for the remainder of the time after a devotion.    
On certain occasions, we will meet elsewhere or at a different time - for example, we went for a ride on the church bus and went out for lunch on Super Bowl Sunday, another time we met at the park on Sunday afternoon. 

If you are interested in joining us, please call or email 
Ashley Schroeder 270-4476/ to verify the plan for the week. 



Any new event information for our youth group will be sent via the Providence Weekly E-blast or individually by our youth group leader, Ashley Schroeder.