Care Team

In support of one another, small "Care Teams" are organized to nurture the spiritual and emotional well-being of members within our congregation.  This is accomplished under the "Care Team" concept.

This ministry is comparable to the support offered by a small family group.  The "Care Team" is typically organized under a "Care Team" Leader who makes themselves available to lend an ear to the joys, concerns and prayer requests of group members.  The "Care Team" Leader keeps in contact with their respective "Care Team" members over the course of the year and keeps them in prayer. 

Need a Hand, Lend a Hand

Providence Presbyterian Church has a membership with many skills and talents. A program has been established by the Congregational Care Committee called "Need a Hand, Lend a Hand."  The program involves the sharing of the members' time, treasures and talents with members who have a need. A bulletin board on a wall next to the Fellowship Hall includes sign-up cards on which members can request an item or service and also sign-up cards for members who offer to provide members in need an item or service.