Teen Missions and Events



One of the ways the PPC Youth Group raises money to fund their mission work is through the gotsneakers? program.  This is a recycling program for used sneakers that we package and send to “gotsneakers?” who will pay us per pair. Have any used sneakers you'd like to donate?  Contact Ashley at ashdogger@me.com.

Work Camp - 
For many years we have taken a group of youth and adults on Group Mission Trips to repair homes in communities in various states with other youth groups from around the country.  This is a terrific week of service, fun, and fellowship we look forward to all year!



Confirmation Class - 
We offer a Confirmation Class to youth, grades 8 and above, who wish to explore what it means to profess faith in Christ and join our church.  Participating in the class commits you to nothing, as each child will have the choice upon completion whether to pursue membership or not.  The class is designed to be a time to learn about faith and explore church membership. The 2025 Confirmation class schedule is TBD.