Session and Committees

Moderators - Rev. Linda Rainey and Pastor Melinda Stroyeck
Clerk of Session - Robie Armbuster
Administration Committee
  • Elizabeth Carter, Committee Chair
  • Tom McMahan
Christian Life Committee
  • Connie Salter, Committee Chair
  • Sue Crossland
Congregational Care Committee
  • Nancy Lindgren, Committee Chair
  • Brent Nielson
Fellowship Committee
  • Jane Pritchett, Committee Chair
  • Susan Ayers
Mission/Outreach/Evangelism Committee
  • Frances Stefonich, Committee Chair
  • Ashley Schroeder
Property Committee
  • Dale Passarella, Committee Chair
  • Kevin Daley
Worship Committee
  • Matt Clatterbuck, Committee Chair
  • Robin Birdwell
  • (Robie Armbruster)