Our Mission and Character

The mission of Providence Presbyterian Church is to be a covenant community of Christ's people, fulfilling the promise ...

  • to participate in worship;

  • to grow in the knowledge of God and self;

  • to provide a supportive, loving and caring ministry to and with one another;

  • to reach out and serve others in word and deed;

  • to proclaim God's healing and reconciling love here and in all the world.
Providence Presbyterian Church, while aspiring to be faithful to the traditions of Presbyterianism, is still a unique family within the Kingdom of God.  We believe that the following attributes characterize our church and express who we are as a people and where we are in our communal walk of faith.

Providence Presbyterian Church ...
  • has a strong Christian Education program teaching children and adults about Christ, the Bible, the church, and Presbyterian tradition.  It provides opportunities for group prayer and Bible study.
  • is a warm and caring congregation with concern for all age groups.
  • encourages one another to spread the Word of God in action and conduct.
  • has a strong fellowship program for people of all ages, helping us to grow and share God's love with one another.
  • assists persons in need in the community and throughout the world.
  • has uplifting and spiritually nourishing worship supported by a dynamic and inspirational music program.
  • provides pastoral care and visitation.
  • provides programs that guide and nourish spiritual growth.
  • communicates and provides opportunities to share time, talent, and treasure.