Church Reopening Guidelines

Providence to our family,

Our session has been working hard and praying about when the time is right to open our doors and begin again to have worship in our sanctuary, even if it looks and feels very different than worship 3 months ago. Our first priority as a congregation is to worship our Lord and His light shine in our world. But close to that priority is our desire to provide a worship experience that is safe for all our members.

Zoom has been a great option for worship since the governor's quarantine order and we'll continue to explore ways to broadcast our worship for those who choose to stay at home. But for now, to resume the session has approved the following protocol for worship in our sanctuary.
  • Worship in person will resume on Sunday, July 5, at 9:00 am or 11:00 am (11:00 worship will be available through the "zoom").
  • Those who wish to attend worship in person must:
    • Register to attend by calling the church office between 9:00 am-12: 00 pm Monday through Friday,
    • Wear a mask,
    • Fill out and bring the Covid-19 wellness Form.
    • Print out the online bulletin at home or bring it on a device.
  • Entrance will be through the main sanctuary doors only.
  • Families and those living in the same household may sit together.
  • Enrichment will be the zoom. Children will sit with parents throughout worship as there will not be any childcare or nursery provided.
  • Worship seating will:
    • Fill from the front of the sanctuary to the back (very un-Presbyterian, we know!)
    • Be every other pew, left side and right side (someone will guide you).
    • Alternate pews will be roped off.
  • Offerings may be placed in the offering plate as worshipers enter.
  • Worship exiting will be:
    • From the back of the sanctuary first ( unlike any airline I've ever flown!)
    • Through the main sanctuary door only.
  • Attendance will be limited to 75 people at each worship opportunity.
  • Worship will not include congregational singing, and all printed material (Bibles, hymnals) will be removed from the sanctuary.
  • The sanctuary will be cleaned between worship services, and deep cleaned during the week.

This is our plan for now. We will see how this works and adjust as necessary or as restrictions change. Our desire is to worship as we honor our God; when, where, and how we do this is not as important as worshiping God's holy name. Please continue to pray for our congregation as we all adjust to this new way of being God's people together in spirit and mission while apart from each other physically.